Wait a minute something seems to be missing here!

Who is missing at the Occupation?

I spent most of yesterday thinking
about the fight I was getting myself into with the Occupy folks. I
was worried a lot about it, after all if this thing goes bad I’m
going to be the first guy they come get and haul to the re-education
camp. I can’t stop myself, it’s keeping me up at night. Here is what
I’m thinking now. Yes the pictures I took were empty, the Occupy
folks think I took them to mock them. I did not, it is what it is. I
don’t want to spin it that they have no supporters. My conservative
friends will be laughing at those pictures. It’s OK, my conservative
friends are laughing at you any way. Some of them are not ever going
to see things your way Occupy folks. I know that you know that some
of them are closed minded. I’m not one of those type of conservative.
Back when I went to Webster University (for those of you reading this
who are not from St. Louis I need to digress) I was the token
conservative. There were 3 main types of folks, businessman working
on MBA’s, computer science folks like me, and lots of liberals,
mostly wearing lots of black. I had an instructor there by the name
of Linda Holtzman, she wasn’t a conservative. We disagreed on almost
everything, but (here is the important part class) she let me talk.
She let me invite a right to life guy who happened to be a State
Representative in  to speak to our class.  I was an enigma to Linda,
a conservative Union Electrician from Local 1. A conservative who
liked Peruvian folk music. When we were done with the class, Linda (I
just looked she is still at Webster, I’ll have to friend her later)
told me that I had completely changed her mind about conservatives.
That was one of the best complements I have ever been paid.

So, back to those empty pictures.
Conservative friends don’t kid yourselves, they aren’t going away.
You see a picture with no Occupy people and I see picture with 6 very
dedicated people (look hard they are there). You know what else I
see, I see a picture with no conservatives in it. None, zip, nada.
Trust me I was the only conservative down there, except for my son
and he is more of a Libertarian. Here is the point, if you want this
to be a liberal movement just do nothing. If you are like me you read
those crazy proposed demands
and shook your head. News flash, as long as no conservatives get
involved who do you think is going to influence this group?  I may be
completely wrong but I think they may be on to something here. I’d
like for everyone to have a voice not just the left. So, here is my
thought so I can go back to bed. I have a lot of conservative friends
(the auction business is full of them) I’m asking one of them (Rich
I’m talking to you now) to do this. Go ahead and make fun of these
guys and girls at Occupy with me. Let’s keep them real, but at the
same time I’d love for you to go head and make some noise with our
conservative buddies to see if they want to suggest ideas for this
group. They did let me and Rob Lite speak when we went down there.
I’m not pulling punches here, I’m to tired for that. Now I’m going to
try to go back to sleep.

Conservatives, if you really want to
help I have one word for you Coffee, they need coffee, lots of
coffee. If you take your local occupiers coffee you will get a lot of
good will.

By thomaspaine2011

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